Reporting of adverse drug reactions

Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions in the UK, the USA and in your own country

Please report adverse psychiatric drug reactions (ADRs) and withdrawal reactions to APRIL

We may not respond to you personally but please be assured the submission of your experience is of a great value to us and will help others. We anonymise your experience and use the information in our campaigning for safer drugs and awareness of psychiatric side effects.

Also it is important to report to the official medicines regulatory body in which ever country you live, or to the US FDA if your country does not allow patients to report.

UK Regulator

Patients, carers and health professionals may report to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA):

US Regulator

Worldwide reports accepted from patients carers and health professionals: Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (this site has extra info for consumers)

Other websites collecting ADRs

The following web site contains over 2,800 press reports involving SSRI, SNRI and other antidepressants. Please add your own or reports you find for inclusion. The information on this web site, has helped to influence the FDA to strengthen warnings about the adverse effects of antidepressants.