Monday, 10 August 2009

Tamiflu and Relenza not recommended for children

Tamifu 'unhelpful' in children

BBC reports:

"Research has cast doubt on the policy of giving antiviral drugs to children for swine flu.

Work in the British Medical Journal shows Tamiflu and Relenza rarely prevent complications in children with seasonal flu yet carry side effects."

Tamiflu is still a UK 'black triangle' drug under close vigilance for adverse side effects. Doctors and patients should report adverse reactions to the regulatory. This has not been widely publicised.

Yet an article in today's British Medical Journal recommends that children should not be automatically prescribed the anti-viral Tamiflu.

This advice is in the face of the British Goverments efforts to give everyone Tamiflu who requested it over a telephone Swine Flue help line.

Tamiflu has been on sale on Ebay as people have obtained the drug for themselves and put it up for sale.

What a scam and how can such a blatant promotion of an unproven drug take place supported by our government? I wonder !
Read the BBC web site information
I know a young girl aged about 11 who has suffered nightmares since taking Tamiflu. The girl has asthma and has Aspergers too, so hopefully the harm done will soon resolve. If anyone else has heard of nightmares (an early sign that a drug is having psychiatric side effects) from Tamiflu, please impress the importance or reporting to the MHRA who have a specific form on their web site for reporting Tamiflu side effects. Also please inform APRIL charity.

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