Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A useful web site I just came across is

Dr john Briffa is a medical doctor who has seen the light and believes in finding causes, not just looking at symptoms. Also wary of the disease awareness campaigns and promotion of drugs by the pharmaceutical industry and those who benefit from prescribing and selling medicines.
Do listen to the pod cast on the web site.

I am busy organising Wellbeing Workshops in Westminster for October.

I submitted my views to a brainstorm meeting on Suicide Prevention and had great support for my insistance that the Strategy should include educating the doctors about the risks of ADRs and withdrawal effects.

The convenor of the meeting did take on board my concerns about medication induced suicide. I sent him a lot of medical evidence. So did Professor Heather Ashton and Professor David Healy. They both give me a lot of support for my work in the field of creating awarness and helping individuals.

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