Sunday, 13 December 2009

Tiger Woods and inappropriate sexual behaviour

In a week when I am trying to help a woman who has been massively over drugged with psychotropic medicines. Suffering extreme agitation, fizzing (her words) anxiety and sexual feelings causing distress. It is ironic that the sexual exploits and extreme behaviour of Tiger Woods, when he crashed his car, is so much in the news.

It may not apply to Tiger Woods but there are people who behave in this way due to the adverse effects of antidepressants and psychotropic drugs.

When I first heard about sexual dysfunction as an adverse side effect, I thought it meant loss of libido only. Loss of libido is well known in relation to Dianette and some antidepressants and psychotropic drugs. However adverse effects of some antidepressants, I was told by a top US lawyer involved in SSRI litigation, may be unexpected painful erection. He was defending a man who out of character had raped a woman.

The woman I am in touch with, is the first to contact me to be open about the kind of side effect more often linked to men and elderly people displaying inappropriate sexual behaviour.

In casual conversation with a person just this week, another woman told me of her grandmothers strange sexual behaviour, dosed on many different drugs, the doctors put the behaviour down to dementia.

When is the medical profession going to be taught about adverse drug reactions and how they change a normal person into a complete mental and physical wreck.

Dr Simon Maxwell is to hold a symposium in London shortly on the need to improve medical education. Let us hope his efforts are heard in time to save some of us from the mistreatment so many suffer at the hands of doctors with no knowledge of pharmacology and therapeutics or pharmacogenetics/ pharmacokinetics theory.

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