Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cancer prevention

Today I was moved to write about Cancer prevention, why?
someone sent me a circulating email asking me to 'pray' to end cancer!

I think a lot more can be done before we 'pray'. I do not dispute Praying has its place but consider the following, supported by an article I just discovered in The Guardian by the excellent Health Editor, Sarah Boseley.

My tips for cancer prevention are as follows:
(these ways to reduce risk of cancer should be taught to all children)


*Eating plenty of fresh raw fruit and vegetables (while campaigning to increase the supply of organic veg and a reduction in harmful chemical sprays)
*Reduce intake of preserved meat (additives for preservation are carcinogenic)
*Exercise by doing sports or dancing - at least walking daily (very important for children)
*Eat a brazil nut every day (trials are being carried out as it seems selenium - found in brazil nuts - reduces risk
*Eat lentils and pulses in healthy vegetarian meals instead of meat
*Do not smoke
*Do not stand by bonfires or eat barbequed food or food cooked a high temperatures (never eat burnt scorched food) carcinogenic Acrilamides are formed in these foods.
*Only eat smoked food ocassionally as smoked food is carcinogenic
*Keep intake of alcohol to minimum - never drink alcohol every day as this leads to dependency!
*Only use pharmaceutical drugs if absolutely necessary as many kinds of medication caused cancer in rats during clinical trials and may in long term use in humans. (Long term use of drugs is not included in clinical trial data and it takes years of use to find the lethal adverse effects of some drugs).
*Keep body weight at a sensible level for your size
*Limit salt intake
*protect yourself from too much sun.

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