Saturday, 17 March 2012

David Healy Pharmageddon & Suicide Prevention

David Healy has used Charles Medawar's research and his own experience and research for his new book
Pharmageddon. Not yet available in UK but can be purchased from Amazon. Also sections available to read on Amazon web site. An important contribution to creating awareness of psychiatric adverse reactions to medicines and suicide risk for some people who take SSRI antidepressants and other drugs.
With added information about the way medicines are licensed and the secrecy that covers up deception.

Patients are entitled to know the risk and be allowed to decide for themselves whether the benefits outweigh the possible harm of accepting any treatment offered by doctors who may have no knowledge of how drugs work. (Pharmacology was removed from curriculum requirement in 1993 by the GMC in their guidelines called 'Tomorrow's Doctors'.

Unfortunately in the UK a senior policy maker at the head of D of H Mental Health,  Professor Louis Appleby,  has decided not to inform doctors to be aware that akathisia (extreme agitation) an adverse side-effect, can lead to suicide. He believes information about medication induced suicide may cause harm.
To whom I wonder? See blog:

The Suicide Prevention Strategy for England

The Suicide Prevention Strategy for England contains no mention of suicide triggered by adverse drug reactions (ADR) or the adverse side-effect caused by many psychotropic medicines including SSRI and similar antidepressants  akathisia. The current consultation being reviewed now, was under the auspices of a person who was sympathetic to this being included. He has been removed from his post!

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