Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Zoton / lansoprazole was Prevacid updated warning

This article by Jerome Burne has some more startling information about a drug that according to the reviewer of drug prescribing,  NICE, was being overprescribed by £50 million pounds over 10 years ago.

I first became aware of Zoton (lansoprazole) when I was attending the funeral of a young man who had died by suicide. His wife showed me the packet of Zoton tablets - his dose had been increased after he complained of stomach pain. No attention was paid to the fact that Zoton may have been the cause of the stomach pain. His depression, which may have been attributed to the drug side effects, was not addressed. I put a mention of this on the web site and was surprised to receive a number of emails from people who believed their depression (and stomach problems in some cases) was due to the drug. One man said " I stopped taking Zoton and felt back to my normal self - thank you for your helpful information".

Anyone with heart burn should address their diet and should also be given an H-pylori test. The discovery of Helicobacterpylori bacteria was one of the great breakthroughs in the 20th century.
The cause of ulcers, with possible links to cancer, the bacteria can be treated with antibiotics.

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