Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dianette Diane-35 banned in France

My recent concern has been to submit evidence about Dianette  also known as Diane-35. Now banned in France - I made a short 2 min film for You Tube to encourage people to submit their experience and opinions to European Medicines Agency (EMA).

This is the very first time the EMA have asked for information from patients as well as health professionals about any medication. The ban in France followed deaths due to blood clots, not due to the psychiatric adverse effects we have campaigned about for over 10 years.  Women who have suffered from depression, self harmed and even attempted suicide, have contacted APRIL after reading about our concerns that warnings are inadequate. More about this on our web site.

Dianette, licensed for acne, is not licensed for contraception due to higher risk of dvt (blood clots) than other contraceptives. Please see our short film on YouTube. Comments welcomed

More information about Dianette is on the APRIL web site

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