Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Project about depression - please contribute to survey

Questions about depression?

We at APRIL have been trying for years to persuade doctors and official bodies to ensure people who are suffering adverse reaction to everyday medicines or anaesthetics or having problems related to withdrawal from prescribed drugs,  are heard and helped.

 Adverse drug reactions (ADRs)  and withdrawal effects can be depression, anxiety, insomnia, psychosis, self harming, or suicidal thoughts and actions.

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This is part of a major project about depression research. The aim is to inform research and provide a strong connection between researchers and the needs of patients.

Unfortunately if patient groups involved in this research have received substantial funding from the pharmaceutical industry, there will be attempts to cover up the extent of depression and suicides linked to medication adverse effects or withdrawal problems. It is therefore very important for those with experience of iatrogenic (treatment induced) depression or related conditions to express their views.

As difficult as it may be for those bereaved by iatrogenic related death of a loved one, we do appeal for you to please make your views known.

The survey gives patients, carers and clinicians a chance to let the organisers know what questions need to be answered. Questions can be about any aspect of depression; prevention, causes, diagnosis,
treatments or care.

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