Thursday, 27 March 2014

Concerns about current psychiatric system

Concern about the current state of psychiatry, the harm caused by inappropriate and overuse use of medication for many people, is being discussed as in this proposed session at the Hay on Wye Philosophy & Music Festival - HowTheLightsGetIn

I attended this in 2012 with Dr Bob Johnson, Ana Silvera, Richard Bentall and others who are concerned. Well worth a visit to Hay on Wye for this and the Literary Festival.

Sunday 25 May 2014
Venue: globe Hall
Price: £6.00
Philosophy Session
Madness, Incorporated
Richard Bentall, Dinesh Bhugra, David Healy. Ritula Shah hosts.
From depression to bipolar disorder, we think psychiatric diagnoses are real. Yet many now argue that categories of mental illness have little basis in nature. Is it time to abandon psychiatry and its classifications? Would this usher in a new era of effective health care or cause widespread harm?
President of the World Psychiatric Association Dinesh Bhugra, radical psychiatrist David Healy and clinical psychologist Richard Bentall debate the future of psychiatry.

WHAT ACTION CAN WE TAKE? We can support the following !
 - Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry - 
Initiative is supported by doctors and psychiatrists

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