Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Inquiry invites your views as concern about psychiatric and physical harm from acne drug isotretinoin / Ro - Accutane / Reticutan / Rizuderm

 Isotretinoin / Roaccutane / Reticutan / Rizuderm / Accutane 

Please submit your views for an Expert Review of your experience or your relative or friend's as to the safety or otherwise of this acne medication. 

Closing date for submission extend to 16th February 2021 

UK and non UK submissions welcome

Concerns about suicide, depression and physical harm linked to using this acne medication are worldwide. 

EU ADR database records psychiatric Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) 30,295 with reported cases of completed suicide by people using the acne drug 440 by 01/02/21

The original manufacturer Roche withdrew the drug from the US market following extensive amount of litigation. The US litigation was also about the drug causing Inflammatory Bowel Disease such as Ulcerative Colitis.

Only licensed for for severe acne, yet has been given to people with mild acne. One young medical student with a few spots on his back died by suicide - you can hear his father's account here: 

 Roaccutane / isotretinoin and generic versions can cause serious adverse reactions for some people . 

Please submit your views for the Expert Review due to concerns about suicide, depression and physical harm linked to usage - date has been extended until February 16 2021.

Worldwide - not just the UK - so please if you have any views, if you or a family member has concerns about adverse effects you may not expect, such as on libido or mood changes  or  if you were bereaved suddenly and the victim was using or had stopped using the acne drug, please access via the link below and submit your views by Feb 16 2021 

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