Thursday, 3 March 2022

The MHRA Roaccutane / isotretinoin Inquiry into harms some people suffer, is still ongoing. Plus link to Millie Kieve's newest video.

 Re the MHRA Isotretinoin expert working Group (IEWG) conclusions following  submission of evidence from Millie Kieve for APRIL charity, together with many parents tragically bereaved by the suicide of their child.

The outcome  of our written and face to face (via Zoom) submissions of evidence, is very slow to emerge and more will be posted about this at a later date.

For my part (Millie)  - News of the work for APRIL which is ongoing, even though my age tells me to slow down!

I have now given up the office as I had rarely been into the space since the Covid lockdown, so am working on books about the history of APRIL and my life in fact!

In the meantime I have updated some videos on the Vimeo web site and this one is the newest:

It is a talk that started as a conversation between me and my long time volunteer and friend Kathy.

I decided as I was explaining some of the history of the efforts I have made to help towards greater patient safety, I may as well record this. So I added still pictures to help illustrate the information. This covers the early years around the time of the  first conference I organised.

This includes when Dr David Healy (now Professor) was rejected after having his post as Professor in Toronto, following his talk to a few doctors, I believe, about the risk of suicide for some people taking antidepressant SSRI and similar drugs. You will hear he did agree to speak at that first conference, which led to the amazing work by the BBC Panorama team in highlighting the issues around dependence and harm caused by the SSRI antidepressant Seroxat. 

The fact that dosage was licensed too high and how the CEO of MIND charity actually resigned from and committee of people working for the Medicines regulator at the time, for reasons of failure to disclose or act on harm they knew about.

Please listen to the 11 minute 'conversation' in which I do actually include Kath's contribution, but not all as it may have been unsuitable for sharing! 

There are many videos of interest I have edited and included on Vimeo and the link to them all is on the Home Page of APRIL's web site Talks by leading experts in adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and how clinical trials have been rigged in favour of benefits from medicines with cover up of harms. Testimonials of suffering and recovery from people who have been sectioned for psychiatric issues, some due to the ADRs they suffered.

I will do more on the blog if I can be sure some people are still reading my posts. Please enter your email to be informed of new posts. I have no access to that data so have no idea how many of you may have signed up.

Kind regards to all and stay safe from Covid - with heartfelt concern for those in Ukraine who have far more  than Covid to worry about.

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