Sunday, 10 April 2022

Personalised Medicine promise - to prevent high rate of adverse drug reactions (ADRs)



Personalised Medicine 

 At last in March 2022 a promise for Personalised Medication Prescribing. This should dramatically reduce harm done to many by using medication they cannot tolerate, or does nothing to improve their condition.

A Detailed report just published March 2022 by the 
Royal College of Physicians & British Pharmacological Society -


An article in The Guardian Experts push for genetic testing to personalise drug prescriptions explains the benefits, as About 6.5% of UK hospital admissions are caused by adverse drug reactionswhile most prescription medicines only work on 30% to 50% of people.
Click here for the Guardian article by Linda Geddes:

APRIL has been promoting the use of genetic testing for many years  - Click here for a talk by Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed, Chair of the Working Group on Personalised Prescribing, speaking at our conference

The aim of this web site is to share information about psychiatric adverse effects of prescribed medicines and anaesthetics.However many who suffer adverse reactions are then prescribed psychotropic drugs, some cause dependence.

Read below about an online conference on issues of dependence and withdrawal from antidepressants, benzodiasepines and other drugs causing serious withdrawal reactions. With Professor Joanna Moncrieff and Robert Whitaker

Withdrawal from Medication
CONFERENCE - May 6/7 2022  
Click for flyer: 
Withdrawal from Psychiatric Drugs

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